About and Contact

Parallel Power Products is a husband and wife team who take great pride in the following facts.

We make as much of the ingredients for our wares as possible, in house.  We produce our own foils, coils, spirals, twist our own wire and crush our own rocks.  We mine many of the rocks we feature, we collect many of the natural ingredients as possible, including moss and insects.

Our passion is natual science.  We have lived our lives in the promotion of the natual sciences and scientific arts.  We have published various printed books/magazines/field guides in the goal to spread natural science information and entertainment to the public.

We use recycled materials and found objects in our works.  All of our metals are from recycling programs.  You will find NO metals that were used in conjunction with weapon production.  Not even "BB's".  

Our artwork featured on this site is our outlet for these and we are happy you stopped in to share your time with us. 

Contact us directly at

ParallelPowerProducts@gmail.com - 909-453-2847 - Tucson, Arizona

3229 e. Bermuda St - Mail only