2.75" Candy Shaped - Psedo-Runts Winks Candy Geo Gem Desktop Breakfast Cereal Made with Real Food - Fun Oddity Conversation Starter

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This gem was an experiment to see how much resin I could pour into the mold before it reacted.
Yes, too much resin and it hits a critical mass and starts to create a lot of heat and discolor.

So, with this one, I put down the stars, poured, then I thought, they are so heavy, why not put in the yellow bones?
After an hour, it was kind of hard and I was still pouring other molds, so I said, lets' go for broke! I placed the blue moons and green hearts inside, filled it up and stuck it in the pressure pot.
Overall, it got a LITTLE funky at the "top" of the mold, or bottom of the piece. there is a smooth hole you can see in the photo, a little funky smoothness at the bottom, overall, it is visually funky fun, bubble free and overall, very cool. But, it is certainly not perfect.

Fun for your desktop!

2.75 inch wide, 2.25 tall.

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