3.5" Pyramid of Jolly Rancher Candy - 14 Wrapped Candies with Green Diamond glitter base - Funky OoaK for the person who has EVERYTHING

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A friend asked if I could put Jolly Ranchers in Resin. If you unwrap them and put them in resin, they just kind of look like colorful translucent bricks. So, I tried some with the wrapper on and BOOM! Capturing the classic vision of Jolly Ranchers in this way, trapped in a pyramid of stacked sugary deliciousness, in all the assorted standard flavors - bottom with a green glittery diamond glitter. That was redundant. some tiny bubbles on the edge of the diamond layer.

It is 3.5 inches wide, 2.5 inches

What more can be said? You need this in your life, or you know someone who does. I guarantee it.

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