4 Funky Included Herkimer Diamond Fake Quartz with WILD inclusions - "Strawberry Quartz" Watermellon Quartz, Beef Quartz, Nerd Quartz WHAT!?

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These are copies of a Herkimer Diamond style Quartz Crystal. Each is just short of 2 inch long, all of them have one side where they were poured into the mold, otherwise, all lovely and perfect, no bubbles!

I wanted to slightly troll my friends on Instagram, so I made these quartz crystal a little more rediculous as I went along.
First, the red glitter sparkle quartz, looking very much like a real "Strawberry Quartz"
Then, the Watermellon shapped Trix Cereal included one...watermellon quartz!
Next, Rainbow Nerds. Ya dork.
Then, the true horror, freeze dried beef and potato chunks. Yikes!

Own my set. I made it for YOU!

They are fun specimens for display, gifts, and whatnot.

Not real quartz, but rather copies of real quartz crystals.

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