5.5" Turquoise Spoon Rest - Fun Unique Kitchen Decor - 100% Natural REAL in Resin - Perfect Baking Accessory Colorful OOAK Unique Mineral

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At 5.5 inches long, this is a great size for most baking spoons, wisks, mixers, forks, tines, stabby things and whatever you stuck in your pot and then want to put somewhere you can grab it again and use it in said pot, boom, this thing, it looks great in your kitchen, or elsewhere!

This is made out of real, 100% natural, non-dyed, I promise you, really real turquoise. I crushed it up myself. I wanted to try a spoon rest made out of something exotic. crushed turquoise is pretty darn exotic. This was my first one, so, next time, I know, rinse that dang tuquoise out. The less desirable bits of matrix dust collected at the bottom of the mold, or, what would be the inside of the spoon rest. That is why the "outside" is so bright" and the "inside" is a bit dingy. When I make the next one all sky blue, I'm TOTALLY going to price it for double. Get this one, it's a STEAL!

We have been DYING to use this spoon rest mold we made 2 years ago! We just knew it would be BUBBLE CENTRAL up in there without a pressure pot.
Now, with the aid of compressed environment, the spoon rest can be made bubble free! Nice and smooth along the top rim, no surface bubbles!

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