Anti-Junk Food - Greasy Corn Chip Display What goes inside you - Perfect Display Hand-stand perfect for holding items on desk

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This handstand was to be clear and show off the Frito's Corn Chips inside. I had degreased them in the air and in paper wrap for 72 hours. I thought they were de-greased enough. The papers were glass clear. Well, I didn't and the grease mixed with the resin to make these horrors.
Use the horror to your advantage. Want to show someone how gross the junk food they put inside them is? After I started counting calories years ago I learned just how decieving these little addictive corn crisps are. Why is the calorie count so high? HERE is why! Milky greasy fingers. yum!

Handstands are 3 x 2 x 2 inches in size

Super Fun "HandStand" - Display Stand 3 inch Three Prong, supports pounds and up to a 5 inch sphere, along with COUNTLESS other things

Strong resin cast, suitable for some heavier items. Nice natural balance with three supporting fingers.

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