Bulbasuar Party! Gen 1 Starters walking around in the Viridian Forest - Moss, Nabab Berry, Candy - Colorful Pokemon Biome Landscape 4 inch

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I have been dreaming of a heard of bulbasuars roaming the landscape...so I made it!
Three bulbasuars, all with different markings, cause, that's cute. Hand painted Nanab berry? Bulbasaur candy?
Yup, collected and crushed that epidote myself. That moss on a stick, collected while rockhounding.
It was super fun to make and I hope you fall in love with it!
I like to think these Bulbasaurs are just waking up for the day and walking around in the forest looking for what the day might bring!

Perfect gift item for your favorite pokemon trainer...and that could be YOU!

4x2.25 inches

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