Cookie Crisp in Milk - Glass Bowl with Clear Resin to Seal Cereal - Fake Food Item - Humor - Funky Food Breakfast Cereal Chocolate Chips

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I wanted to make a bowl of cereal that was cereal, white resin "milk" in a real bowl. I found this bowl at goodwill, a nice thick lead glass, then poured a bowl of "Cookie Crisp" cereal and a layer of white dye. Afterwards, we discussed that the cereal should be coated. I did not want to pour 100's of grams of resin in this to get it up to the absurdly high level of the cereal in the bowl. Instead, I used this as a daily dump, pouring un-used clear resin that was left over after scheduled pours. Sometimes it would be 10 grams, sometimes, 50. Took a few weeks.

It is funky. It is going to be a fun thing to have on display, sitting around, used as a prop, given as a fun gift, whatever you can think of when it comes to a glass bowl filled with cookie crisp...
Don't dream it.

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