Cut That Agate Speedy Tumble Rapid Refill Kit 5 Pounds of Pre-Tumbled Stones - Less Wait - Quickly Polish Minerals with Grit and Polish

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Love to Tumble Rocks, but hate the wait?
Speedy Tumble Rapid Refill Kit has 5 pounds of PRE-Tumbled stones, ready to be sorted and tumbled, starting at 400 grit, saving you weeks of tumbling!

Featuring great rocks and minerals, an instruction guide and index to the stones in the kit, plus 1 pound of PREMIER tumbled stones AND 4 pounds of mixed tumbled stones, ready to finish into lovely sparkling gems!

We are the makers of these kits, they ship directly from our Tucson AZ location and come Priority Mail so you can get to Tumbling!

Great way to enjoy tumbling stones while saving time and getting results!

Speedy Tumble comes with Cerium Oxide polishing compound, a MUCH higher quality final polish for the silica rich mix.

LESS WAIT! - Tumble these pre-tumbled stones, starting at 400 Grit to save WEEKS of Pre-Grinding!
FUN ROCKS AND MINERALS - Includes a great mix of minerals and stones in all sorts of colors and sizes!
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - From the Cerium Oxide Polish Compound to the tough and sturdy case it is housed in, this is certain to please any rock tumbler owner!

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