Dum Dum Lollipop Office Decor 6 Inch Crystal Clear Pyramid - Filled with Colorful Candy, 5.75 inch wide, Beautiful Decoration for Reception

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One of my favorite things about going out to run errands with my mother was getting a dum dum from the lady working at the bank teller drive thru window when I was younger.

Desks in reception offices around the world have these iconic, inexpensive treats on a bowl on the counter, or perhaps behind the counter, so the office mavens can dole them out to the worthy.

I wanted to create the perfect accessory decoration to any office, a clear resin pyramid filled with these now forbidden treats.

Highly glossy with little to no imperfections, with recycled shredded plastic at the base, all 100% inside Large, Glossy, Shiny, Robust Pyramid.

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