Earthy Green - Pentagram Power Pyramid Orgone Copper Infused Self Mined Epidote and Quartz, Malachite, Fluorite, Aventurine 2.6 Inch

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This is a really fine Orgone Power Collecting Pyramid - Featuring crystal clear environment for all these fun minerals and features!

This pyramid features a five pointed star over a beautiful mixture of minerals with a focus on Green! There is a lot of epidote included quartz, aventurine, a very cool slice of fluorite at the top and a couple quartz/malachite/chrysocolla stones we tumbled from scraps off a huge boulder of that material, from arizona. There is a green tri-colored spiral going up in the center that you can see in the bottom - fun piece!

2.6 inches wide and tall, a hefty and impressive display piece!

Contact us for large wholesale purchase discounts - All items handmade at our workshop in Tucson Arizona

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