Electric Foil Pyramid Medallion Coin Poker Chip Display Stand - Includes Rare Colorado Fluorite Crystal Poker Chip - Silver Foil Inclusions

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This is a product we created ourselves, from the creation of the original to the mold to the finished product. We wanted a display stand that you could put a medallion on, or a coin or disk. Then, I realized that it was perfect for a poker chip. So, we include a poker chip from an event we produced in 2009. The "Mineral Dealer Showdown" poker tournament. Those were fun.

This was our first test pyramid, wanted to do clear with some sort of glitter to see what it looked like. REALLY pleased with the results. The silver rainbow glitter looks ALIVE inside the pyramid. The large clear area gives you plenty of reflection and window into the wild landscape of glitter below. Comes with a Fluorite poker chip

2.25x2x2 inch in size.

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