EMF Cube Desktop Electric Insulation Foil Energy Resistors Iron/Insulators/Obsidian/Steel Handmade Shielding

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This fun EMF Blocker is made from all sorts of natural electrical resistors and insulators.

A fun paperweight to have on your desk, it features two sides with irridecent foils, a resistance calculator and an ohm symbol. The Ohm is set against a backdrop of shredded wire insulation, then, a lovely green layer of shimmering mica. A large red resin scepter cast of a brandberg amethyst crystal is accompanied by obsidian and steel.

Always designed with natural electric insulators, to feel like the best EMF blocker you've ever owned!

2 x 1.5 inches of joy to bring to your area or as a gift for someone with a bit too much buzzing around!

***---All of our items are HANDMADE by US---***
We twist and coil our own wire, coils and spirals
We create all of our own foils
We crush our own minerals and rocks
We mine a LOT of what we use in our products
We use RECYCLED items
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