EMF Energy BLOCKER Obsidian Gemstone 2.25 inches Red Yellow Green Coil Spiral Block Electric Natural Insulators

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This fun colorful 2.25 inch Gemstone of resin, obsidian and mica is designed to be an EMF Blocker - No Quartz, Copper or Electrical Conductors in our EMF Blockers!

Seriously, ask yourself, why do some sell Orgonite Power Generators as "EMF blockers" at the same time? Orgone Energy is electrical, you use things that WANT to generate energy.
To BLOCK Electric, we use electric resistors. Mica, Obsidian Glass, Steel.
This colorful gemstone is ready to go to work on your desk, in your living room, anywhere you want to have a colorful bauble that you can imagine sucking up unwanted electrical interference!Contact us for large wholesale purchase discounts - All items handmade at our workshop in Tucson Arizona

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