Froot Loop Pyramid - Rainbow Colors - 5.5x5" 2 pounds! Decor Item Artwork Unique Large Decoration Colorful Color Gradient

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This pyramid is made out of Froot Loops and Resin. The Froot loops have been sorted by color and make a rainbow from top to bottom. I wanted to keep this one just a nice SOLID rainbow, no funny business. So, bam! Froot Loop Pyramid!!!

It is 5.5x5 inches, a very big piece, weighting 2 pounds. It is a colorful piece and is the 5th one I have made. The photo of the first one did very well on the internet. It got about 10,000 shares and over 100k likes on reddit, facebook and instagram. People REALLY liked it.

A few minor imperfections, overall, dang, what a fine job. =) Very few bubbles, overall, very nice!

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