Fruity Pebbles Cereal Bowl - Resin included Cereal with Milk (white resin) - 6x3x2.5 - Great for Cold Foods, Ice Cream, Dry Snacks Funky!

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Hand crafted Resin (Plastic) filled with Fruity Pebbles Breakfast Cereal, along with a layer of white tinted resin, which, of course, is the Milk.

This bowl is handmade, made from a mold we created. It is 6 inches across, 3 inches high and 2.5 inches deep. Perfect for many uses!

Typical resin bowls are made from a giant block of resin, which is then put onto a lathe and cored, then polished.
Ours is poured and popped. No waste, no micro plastics thrown into the world (imagine the waste!)
It also means, it is WYSIWYG - There are minor flaws that are cosmetic only and on the bottom of the bowl. It is not polished on a lathe (think of the water and plastics saved!) Please refer to the close up photo of the bottom of the bowl.

It is perfect for use for cereal, ice cream, dips, or solid dry foods.
Nice and smooth, easy to wash by hand.

It is not designed for hot foods, soup, stew, etc.
It is not for dishwasher (the heat!)

Truly one of a kind!

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