Funky Pyramid of Froot Loops! Funky Rainbow of Sugary Breakfast Cereal - Big Bold Clear Tip - 6.5 inches

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This pyramid is made out of Froot Loops and Resin. The Froot loops have been sorted by color and make a rainbow from top to bottom.

This one is 6.5 inches of Loops, a test pyramid I was making to see the limits of volume of resin I could pour. This one was made with an american made resin (as are all of the resins I use) that allows you to pour a large volume.

This one got has a 2 inch area of clear resin at the tip, giving it a more "bowl" like look into the middle of the pyramid. I like the way the light travels through the tip.

At a slight discounted price because it is not 100% how I envisioned it, so get a steal of a deal if you like it!

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