Garnet Psuedomorph - Vermont Classic - Grossular Garnet replacing Epidote with Pyrite and Diopside - Top Quality Example Eden Mills

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My Garnet collection, oh, it was so nice. Great to show visitors the variations of the garnet family.
This is a FINE example of some odd things going on at the Belvidere Mine, classically known as Eden Mills, in northen Vermont. We got to collect there one time. What a freaking cool thing that was!
These Grossular Garnet replacements of Epidote are well known from the location, this one is really fine with the bonus well formed pyrite crystals and crunchy diopside.

2.25x1.1x.9 inches in size
from Belvidere Mountain Quarries, Lowell & Eden, Orleans & Lamoille Cos., Vermont, USA