Gemstone Orgone Power Generator - Mica Tip with Amethyst wrapped Spiral, Fluorite, Serpentine, Quartz and GLOW in the DARK UV 2.5 inch wide

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Orgone Energy is all around us. Orgone Power Generators are said to pull in the Orgone energy from the air and collect it for a more powerful transmission into one's self.

It is said to create a feeling of vigor and pep - Orgone is an energy, after all - So, things that are electrical by nature are the things you want in an Orgone Collector. This piece features a mica tip, a spiral of tri-colored wire around a gem amethyst crystal. Serpentine, Fluorite, Quartz and Citrine, one a base of BRIGHT Glow in the Dark UV powder and shredded copper.

2.5 inches across, great large palm sized gem!

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