Green Man "Disgorging Head" California Peridot, Spiral and Mica Desktop Totem Spectrum Harmonizer Rebirth and Renewal

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All the electronics in our world create such dreadful noises. This colorful bauble of resin and minerals is designed to add some bright colorful notes to your environment, uplifting you and those around.

A bold foil image of a Green Man with vegetation sprouting from the sides and mouth, a Disgorging Head, if you will. A representation of rebirth and renewal, the background is self collected california peridot and the backside is a bold golden mica. There is a yellow spiral at the base.

Perfect for any office or home workspace!

2.25 inch, .75 inch wide, a discrete treat for your home to be complete.Contact us for large wholesale purchase discounts - All items handmade at our workshop in Tucson Arizona

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