Halite Collection - Three Top Quality Cabinet Specimens from California - Natural Salt Crystals on Sagebrush and Mine Timber, plus Pink Xtls

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A fine collection of Three very interesting natural Halite Specimens from Southern California.

In the upper corner, the very bright pink Halite from the Searles' Lake Deposits.
This halite cluster formed on the underside of the crust surface of the brine pool it was formed in. The large crystals are quite impressive. This specimen is hand dug from the exclusive "dealer dig" of 2017. Oh, what a fine year that was.

In the middle, a very fine example of the sought after Halite from the Salton Sea, formed on a branch of sagebrush. This halite is well known for the bright Orange UV reaction it has in SW UV light. A very rich and fine specimen in its' own right. This specimen was collected during the limited collecting time in the 1970's.

Finally, a piece of mining history, a mine timber from the Owen's Lake halite beds, covered in tiny crystals of clear halite. This area has been converted into a wetlands habitat, with miles of beautiful new features to advance the migrating birds of the Owens Valley.

All together, these would make an impressive display, or add to any collection. Salt is such a fascinating mineral, these are sure to delight and impress.

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