High Grade Amethyst Cluster - A Quality Quartz Crystal Cluster Bold Purple Grape Color .6 pounds 3.3 inches long Brazilian Display Rock 19

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Amethyst is one of the most desirable crystals in the world, found in every continent, prized by civiliaztions for centuries.
The ancient volcanos of southern Brazil host these amazing cavities of purple and clear quartz crystals. They are mined and you see them ALL THE TIME, as large plates and geodes on display in every fancy house, gallery, rock shop, glass pipe shop, craft supply shop, and hippy festivals around the world.

We HAND SELECTED these lovely pieces for perfection, color and overall style. Every piece we picked out has a great balance of matrix, color, form and overall perfection. We do not like damaged tips or crystals. The vast majority of all the pieces we sell individually online are 95% damage free or better, with damaged crystals reserved for the outside rim only.

**This is an EXCITING PIECE! Big Clear/Purple crystals, much larger than typical, all super lovely, lots of balance, style and class for an amethyst cluster!

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