Jigglypuff And Snubbull - OOAK - Pokemon Scene - Waking up after Jigglypuff's Sleepy Song and Marker Face! Rose Quartz Amethyst 2.75x2.25

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This is beyond cute - from the classic pokemon cartoon, Jigglypuff's song put everyone to sleep, so that poke went to town drawing on everyone's face.
Snubbull is PISSED and Looking for Jigglypuff, marker in hand! What a JERK!

This gem biome includes some handpainted jigglypuff candy, rose quartz, amethyst, green serpentine "grass" and black tourmaline road, along with a little bit of fire agate and rhodonite.

You can't pass this one up, would make a GREAT gift for you or the trainer in your life!

2.75x2.25 inches

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