JZ's Rock of the Day 1/365 - Calcite Crystal Cluster from a secret little canyon in the Cady Mountains California - Dogtooth Crystals 5 inch

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This is a fun self collected Calcite specimen from Afton Canyon, in the Cady Mountains.
Back when we lived nearby we would drive to the campground and hike 2 miles into the collecting area, where the basalt flows produced quartz, calcite and various zeolite=ish minerals. There is a thin little entrance to a rarely visited canyon that opens up to a collecting area filled with calcite crystals. That is where this is from. To think Id dream of taking a nap in this canyon once again...

5 inches x 2x2

I have way too many minerals, so I'm sharing them with you! 365 minerals, a mineral a day, to be shared with you! Check back for more new minerals from my personal collection

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