Koffing Team Rocket Faraday Cage! Electrical Blocking EMF Pyramid Millefiori Glass Pokemon Go Desktop Fun Gen 1 Poison Type Magnet Obsidian

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What a colorful and fun EMF Blocker!
This Pokemon Environment contains Team Rocket's signature Pokemon, Koffing! This poison type pokemon is full of toxic gas and hovers in the air spewing toxic fumes - lucky for you, we trapped it inside a prison of resin! Because we love Koffing, we filled it up with some top quality minerals, including a gem tourmaline, some banded malachite, a ruby, riebeckite, snowflake obsidian and plenty of standard obsidian apache tears we collected ourselves. It also has a bit of lapis, schorl tourmaline and a fun magnet and metal combo over a brightly colored millifore glass chunk.

This is the one to grab.

2.75 x 1.75 inch

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