LARGE Smoky Quartz Crystal with Aegirine - Twinning and Intergrown 8 inches long! JZ's Rock of the Day 9/365

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This mad honker was a specimen that I got from Jewel Tunnel Imports sometime around 2005 or so - Rock Currier really LOVED these smoky quartz crystals with all the crusty large associated minerals - Aegirine, Zircon, Riebeckite, enough to make a mineral fanatic froth. I love how you can get lost in all of the growth paterns, intergrown crystals and twinning going on that is so apparent at the main point.

Anywho, this thing is like, 16 years old now. Time for it to go out and get a job, pay it's own way. You adopt it. It is eating me out of house and home!

8x2.25x1.75 inches in size

I have way too many minerals, so I'm sharing them with you! 365 minerals, a mineral a day, to be shared with you! Check back for more new minerals from my personal collection - I'm just pulling a wrapped rock out of a box, unwrapping and listing!

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