Leo Power Plate - Horoscope Orgone Energy Accumulator Regal Lion Tourmaline and Garnet Coil and Spiral Copper and Gold OOAK HOTNESS

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This is one REGAL plate of astrological sexiness for Leo

3x3 inch Orgone Collecting Plate - featuring two foil symbols for the Zodiac sign Leo, set to a backdrop of gem dravite tourmaline and spessartine garnet. A bar of twisted copper wire runs across the top with a hypnotic gold and aluminum spiral.

The backside is a layer of recycled copper wire mixed with gold foil, perfect for collecting all that orgone energy floating around.

If you don't dig Orgone Generation, it is a nice thick heavy plate of cool things that makes a great display piece/paper weight. I think looking at it would get most people pretty jazzed up! It is a super fun piece!

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