Medium Grain RAINBOW HEMATITE - Small Grain (1-3mm) for crafts - inlay - resin - natural from Brazil 1990's Stock Closed Location Sparkly

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This is a small grained (1-3mm) Rainbow Hematite

Imported by the late Rock Currier, this hematite was used, at a time, as street glitter during Carnival celebrations. Rock imported a container of this material and it sold quickly, being used to make some amazing jewelry. Lucky for us, we found a cache of nice material and sorted it by size to use it for jewelry, resin casting and pigment. The location is now under a highway and this material is fairly uncommon to come by. I am happy to offer it to you for a limited time.

It is crushed and sorted by hand right here in California.

We have a limited supply and it looks beautiful mixed with resin, or used as a natural paint pigment.

Last Photo shows all four sizes available. This one is the 2nd Smallest. This is also the least common size and has Fantastic qualities for Resin casting.

Contact us for large wholesale purchase discounts - All items handmade at our workshop in Tucson Arizona

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