Misty's Poor Chubby Psyduck! He has a Headache that just will not go away! Pokemon Water/Psychic Gen1 Favorite and PILLS! Fun Desktop Gift

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Poor Psyduck! He has a terrible headache and we just feel so bad for him!

Misty stopped by Nurse Joy and got a variety of pills for psyduck, but nothing seems to help! Poor Psyduck!

This chubby psyduck is falling forward into this pile of pain relievers, with a raspberry and Psyduck candy by its side.
Super fun display item, or classic paperweight!

2.75 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide.

One of a kind original artwork made for home and office decor. Perfect for the adult pokefan in your life...maybe even yourself!

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Does not appear to be any bubbles or flaws.

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