Munchlax Stole Pikachu's Candy - Pika Challenges Munch, He goes and gets his Momma Snorlax - 6.5 Inch Pyramid Pokemon Pogo OOAK Gift Decor

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I had a vision. What if Munchlax and Pikachu were playing and Munchlax stole some of Pikachu's candy? If they started to fight, I'm sure Munchlax would be a baby and go get his mom to fight his battle!

"I'm going to get my momma"

Created with Pokemon Battle Figures by Jazwares, along with hand painted pokemon candy for Snorlax and Pikachu. The landscape is made up of natural rocks and minerals, including two carved flower/leaf - serpentine and dalmation jasper. There is a pile of chalcopyrite and kyanite, serpentine and epidote plus a layer of shredded aluminum at the bottom. Pikachu is surrounded by a boulder of citrine and blades and powdered Rainbow Hematite. Snorlax's mascara is running, she is so mad and there are wisps of white smoke building up in some areas from the heat of the battle scene soon going DOWN!

This desktop/bookcase bauble is sure to make for a conversation starter! It would make a great gift item for the over protective snorlax mamma fan in your life!

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Pyramid is 6.5 inches tall, 6 inches wide at the base. It comes with rubber feet on the bottom that can be removed, if you choose. The bottom layer is naturally a tiny bit uneven, the sized rubber feet make it level. There are minor bubbles inside the pyramid, as visible in the photo, mainly a thin string along Snorlax's backside. Razor sharp tip, glossy and smooth, ready to make an impact in any room!

This piece really shines, with various irridecent minerals inside. The piece tells a story that is open to the viewer's imagination!

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