OOAK RUNTS Candy Pyramid of Sugar Power! Crazy Gift - Home Decor - Office/Retail Decorator 6.5 inch Impressive Size Large Funky Colorful

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I dreamed of a pyramid of colorful Runts candy, all sorted by color and creating a bold announcement from any part of the room. So, I made it. I got 5 pounds of runts candy and...damn. Ate too many of the red ones. Oh my face paid the price for that one. I quickly made sure that all of the remaining runts made it into resin ASAP! These things are redicuous. Damn you, sugar!

It is 6.5 inches tall, 2 pounds, took over a week of pouring resin and at any time during that process something horrible could happen - so, whee! We made it!
This pyramid has some issues up close. There is one side I'm not impressed by. There is a single black eyelash in the banana layer. It has some surface bubbles on the edges and the Runts tried there best to break out. Under the colorful surface layer, runts are white, which you can see in some spots. It is my baby, I have to be as critical as I can be before trying to sell it to you, gypsy. What can I say, mama tried. Even when I say something is bogus, impartial witnesses cry afowl of that notion. 80% of all haters are still impressed by this colorful sugar explosion, so that means 94% of the population will feel that way, overall.

Imperfections listed and photographed, this is a REMARKABLY colorful piece, certainly One of a Kind, a unique gift item for yourself or someone who has a fondness for this classic fruit shapped candy.

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