Psyduck in the wild! Pokemon Figure in Resin Gem for Gift Display OOAK! Crushed Minerals, Hand Painted PoGo Candy, Raspberry for Catch Rate

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Poor Psyduck! He has a terrible headache and we just feel so bad for him!

This Poke is standing on a bed of crushed Epidote with a hand painted Psyduck candy at its feet and a raspberry, cause we feel so bad for poor psyduck, we wanted to give em a treat. Four pain killers are swirling around psyduck's head, from a recent trip to Nurse Joy.

2.75 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide.

One of a kind original artwork made for home and office decor. Perfect for the adult pokefan in your life...maybe even yourself!

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NOTE - two sides are slightly dull from the light dusting of crushed epidote that was not cleaned off the side after pouring the base. D'oh. two marks on one dull side, sub 1mm wide. Priced accordingly due to these defects. Do you want to polish plastic, go for it! It is surface layer.

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