Purple Dragon with Garnet, Amazonite, Rose Quartz, Copper - Orgone Pyramid Gem Opal - Funky Cool Landscape Generator 3.75 inches wide

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Channeling the Draconic Power of this Classic Purple Dragon, encased inside this large desktop pyramid!

Packed with fantastic minerals - Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Gem Opal with great fire, Amazonite, Blue Apatite, and some fine gem Spessartine Garnet. There is a log of serpentine with a tiny little human in the corner for size.

Super fun pyramid, chock full of character - Sure to inspire! Get that Orgone energy out of the sky and into your pyramid!

***---All of our items are HANDMADE by US---***
We twist and coil our own wire, coils and spirals
We create all of our own foils
We crush our own minerals and rocks
We mine a LOT of what we use in our products
We use RECYCLED items
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