Resin Cast Copy of Halite Salt Specimen - Perfect for HUMID Climates! Made from my Favorite Crystal - Bright Pink Plastic 4.5 Inch

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A BIG problem with Halite (Salt) specimens is that they fall apart and lose their color over time. In fact, we call them "Temporary specimens".

So, it brought us great joy to make a mold of our VERY favorite halite specimen. This specimen was from a very special dig, the dealer dig at the Trona Gem - O - Rama. There was one area that was producing very sharp halite crystals on a funky first generation of growth that looked distinctly different. It was loosing its color, it was going to fall apart, even out here in the California desert.

But now EVERYONE can have a copy of that unique halite specimen, no matter where you live! This isn't going to soak in atmosphere and sweat all over your bookshelf! Quite the opposite - feel free to give this specimen a bath anytime you choose!

If you are a fan of Halite specimens, you'll love this!
Deep pink, in tradition to the naturally bright pinkness of the halite when it first comes out of the brine pool.

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