Rockhound Barstow - California Mojave Desert Field Collecting Maps for Mineral Collectors and Desert Explorers - Collect your Own Minerals!

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New for 2020 - 3rd Edition Rockhound Barstow is your guide to collecting rocks and minerals in the Mojave Desert, halfway between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Find out places where you can collect fine agates, onyx, and other precious lapidary materal, as well as places to find crystals of celestite, colemanite, azurite, calcite and dioptase! Filled with maps and an interactive map for your smartphone or PC, you will be treated to many wonderful places to search for mineral treasures near Barstow California.

Full color, 12x8 magazine size with BIG maps with CLEAR directions, great for most all vehicles, all ages and skill levels!

Great for getting out of the house and exploring the wide open desert!

The owners of this etsy shop are also the producers of this field guide and you can find lots of self collecting minerals from these sites in our resin goods