Sexy and Sassy Yellow Apatite Crystals in Matrix from Mexico - Classic Mineral Specimen with Terminated Crystals

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I do love these yellow apatite crystals. An old friend of mine had some really fine ones and so I was always happy to pick up a particularly nice one.
This one I bought at a mineral show in Anaheim back in 2009. It has 4 crystals that have nice termination, buried into the matrix. Nice sparkle and luster, take it home from me to you.

1.5x1.25x1 inches in size
from Cerro de Mercado Mine, Victoria de Durango, Durango Municipality, Durango, Mexico

I have way too many minerals, so I'm sharing them with you! 365 minerals, a mineral a day, to be shared with you! Check back for more new minerals from my personal collection - I'm just pulling a wrapped rock out of a box, unwrapping and listing!

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