Simisage and Simisear Grass and Fire Monkies From Gen 5 - Rainbow Hematite - Magnet - Aluminum Pokemon Display Piece PoGo - EMF Blocker

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This big chunky heart is made to showcase two fun pokemon, the grass and fire monkies from Gen 5. Simisage and Simisear, both happy to see ya!
This heart is made in the style of an "EMF Blocker" - as it has things in it that would naturally block electrical transmission. The shredded plastic shielding is what is coated around copper wires to prevent them from touching each other. The things inside, like the colorful milifori glass and rainbow hematite (iron) along with the glass fiber optic, a mirror and a chunky magnet.

A fun gift item for a friend or yourself!

3 x 2.5 inch

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