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Would you believe I've never heard "Baby Shark" more than a few seconds at a time and never for more than a total of 2 minutes? The artisit of this piece was all like doo doo doo doo doot and I'm like, what? Anyway, isn't this freaking cute? It has fake bubbles, some apatite, tumbled aquamarine, lapis and the bottom is all millefiori glass.

All the electronics in our world create such dreadful noises. This colorful bauble of resin and minerals is designed to add some bright colorful notes to your environment, uplifting you and those around.

2 x .75 inch in size

***---All of our items are HANDMADE by US---***
We twist and coil our own wire, coils and spirals
We create all of our own foils
We crush our own minerals and rocks
We mine a LOT of what we use in our products
We use RECYCLED items
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