Super Fun Gumball Rainbow Pyramid - 6.5 inches 2 pounds of Joy! Great Decor Item Round Balls Spheres of Color - Super Gift Item OOAK

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I pictured a pyramid of stacked gumballs in all the colors - and that's what I did!
I also wanted to put some "Fruit Striped" Gum at the bottom, to show off those fun stripes!

Overall, this thing just screams colorful fun!

It is 6.5 inches tall, 2 pounds, took over a week of pouring resin and at any time during that process something horrible could happen - so, whee! We made it! The top purple gumball has a slight imperfection from the pressure of curing and the bottom layer of orange has some balls that exploded at the bottom.
Base has clear rubber feet so it does not get scratched up. Imperfections are shown in the photos.

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