Trix Cereal Rainbow Pyramid 6 Color White Milk Base - 6.25x5.5" 2 pounds! Decor Item Artwork Unique Gradient Fruit Shapes Silly Rabbit!!

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This large pyramid is made out of color sorted Trix cereal - While I remember the simple colored balls, these fruit shapes have been a part of the Trix cereal since 1991!
Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red, all traveling down to a base of bright white "milk"

We had made a Froot Loops pyramid for fun, it was seen by hundreds of thousands of people online in September 2020 as it made the rounds on social media. A LOT of people asked if I could make one out of Trix cereal and after many days of pouring resin and sorting this sugary goodness, this beauty was unveiled.

It has three flaws. Flaw #1 - A wax streak, 1 mm wide, 2 inch long, on one side. Someone named me, forgot to clean the mold after some messing around... Flaw #2 - an insignificant indent on one side of the base. Flaw #3 - 12 bubbles under 2mm on the surface, one on an edge. It is done with 8 pours of the max amount of resin, cured in a pressure pot to reduce bubbles. Cereal, with its airy nature, is PRONE to bubbles when encapsulated in resin. This is the quality we can get when we try VERY hard!

It is going to make a wonderful addition to your house or office. A real unique gift item for those who have it all.
I do not plan on making a second one anytime soon!

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