UV Glow Selenite and Obsidian millefiori glass Large EMF Blocking Insulating 3.75 Inch Desktop 5G Field Dampener - After Antique Insulator

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Quite the opposite of an Orgone Power Collector, this is made to BLOCK energy flow, using scientifically proven electrical insulators. Insulators like Steel, Glass, Plastic, in the forms of recycled materials used for their insulating properties, as well as materials we have collected from the earth, like our natural obsidian and selenite.

This lovely desktop display is made from a custom mold of an antique glass electric insulator. The kind that would have been seen on electric and telephone pole wires in the mid 20th century. The glass ones would be hollow inside to sit on top of a post and the middle ridges would hold the wire up and off the support post. This mold is NOT hollow, it is filled up with all sorts of fun things to view and explore.

Measuring at 3.75 inch Tall, a GREAT new twist on EMF Disruptors - Unique Hand Made Mold

Great for your workplace, a nice decorative item to put around any electronic device that is buggin ya ouut!!

Contact us for large wholesale purchase discounts - All items handmade at our workshop in Tucson Arizona

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