Vaporeon and Jolteon Eevee Evolutions - Electric and Water with Shells, Coral, Copper, CUTE - 6.5 Inch Pyramid Pokemon Pogo OOAK Gift Decor

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This pyramid features two beloved eevee evolutions, Jolteon and Vaporeon! With layers of yellow and blue glitter, wild hand twisted spirals, quartz crystals and the base is a half and half of electric and water, with seashells, coral, kyanite and goldstone, copper pipe, tigereye, wire nut, rubber gaskets and sparkling 13 pointed bolts of lightning!~ A BOLD and COLORFUL addition to the decor of any eevee fanatic!

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Pyramid is 6.5 inches tall, 6 inches wide at the base. It comes with rubber feet on the bottom that can be removed, if you choose. The bottom layer is naturally a tiny bit uneven, the sized rubber feet make it level. Razor sharp tip, glossy and smooth, ready to make an impact in any room!

This piece really shines, with various irridecent minerals inside. The piece tells a story that is open to the viewer's imagination!

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