Who is THAT Pokemon? Forretress - Evolved Pineco Forest PoGo EMF Blocker Steel/Grass Type Gen 2 Environment Glass/Steel/Shredded Plastic

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This plastic resin dome showcases a figure of Forretress, the evolved Pineco from Gen 2 in Pokemon. In the game Pokemon Go, we enjoy putting them in gyms, for the fun of it. They look funky and in the Pokemon games they are slightly bulky.
The dome has all sorts of colorful fun things to look at - next to the Forretress there are a few colorful tumbled stones, rhodonite, emerald, tiger eye and opalite
The next layer has a diamond paste over top of glass hearts and cabochons.
Under that, a layer of shredded plastic that used to coat metal wire, then to finish it off, a layer of shredded steel. All of those things are effective at blocking electric, which is why they are called "EMF Blockers".
I think this one is super fun and will look great on any desktop of your favorite trainer...which could be YOU!

3.1 x 1.5 inch

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