Who is THAT Pokemon? Lotad Dome with Bonus Lombre Heart! Copper, Amethyst Amazonite and Epidote Orgone Generating Water/Grass PoGo

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Lotad, the lily pad Pokemon from Gen 3, floating at the top of a sea of minerals and colorful elements - Designed as an Orgone Generator - Filtering and storing positive energy, there are elements in this that conduct electricity, like Quartz and Copper - For Many people, they are fun to look at and an unique conversation piece to have around the home or office.

This one is full of green/blue/purple minerals. There is a ring of Amethyst around the top over a layer of diamond paste, which then has a layer of larger tumbled stones including amazonite, rose quartz, serpentine and kyanite. Then there is a layer of smaller stones which is a mix of rough crushed epidote along with tumbled quartz, some with schorl/black tourmaline inclusions.
I think this one is super fun and will look great on any desktop of your favorite trainer...which could be YOU!

Comes with a bonus Lombre Heart Pocket Charger! Funky Lombre floating inside a clear resin heart with quartz and serpentine and a layer of large chopped copper! Now, where is the Ludicolo??

3.1 x 1.5 inch
Heart is 1.25 x 1.25

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