Whoops! I cooked it! Burnt Froot Loop Top Giant 6.5 inch Pyramid of Breakfast Goodness! B Grade - Steep Discount!

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This pyramid is made out of Froot Loops and Resin. The Froot loops have been sorted by color and make a rainbow from top to bottom.

This one is 6.5 inches of Loops, a test pyramid I was making to see the limits of volume of resin I could pour. The thing was, the first layer, the tip, I poured too much resin. This caused a build up of heat which then COOKED the purple froot loops giving them a brown color and tons of odd bubbles raising from the loops. The rest of the pyramid is beautiful, except the 2nd to last layer on the bottom, I didn't have room in the pressure pot and it got mildly bubbly, then the last layer covered up a ton of the bubbles, so, yah, look from a distance. IDK, everyone who has seen it says "That's still sellable!"

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