Yellow Cone of Orgone Power - Cloud Burster with Quartz and Brass - Twisted Wire Spiral with Citrine, Prehnite and Garnet 2.75 inch tall

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Cones made to harness Orgone Power are sometimes called "Cloud Burster" - in tribute to the original Cloudburster built and used by Wilheim Riech, which were almost like cannons of metal pipes on a swivel mount, like a piece of military artilary - These cones are designed to be used in the same way, to point towards the sky and bring down Orgone energy like a lightning rod.

This super fun cone has a yellow color at the tip and a bi-colored twisted wire spiral leading into a bed of brass
It has quartz, agate, citrine, prehnite and spessartine garnet, along with some other minerals. The bed is made of shredded zippers! Fun!

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