Zoura and Meowth romping around in Cat Nip! La Brea Tar Pit Bone and a giant coin! Kitty party! Team Rocket Pokemon Gift Block 3.25 inch

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Zoura, the dark type foxy pokemon and Meowth, everyone's favorite member of Team Rocket!

Im not 100% sure whats up in this, besides Zoura is face deep in this pile of cat nip and Meowth is standing on a giant coin. Im mot saying Zoura is a fiend, but....

Add to the mix two bones from the la brea tar pits and you have a heck of a conversation piece!!
This one is a TON of fun and sure to delight any poke trainer! It is a super fun scene!

This block is 2 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide.

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